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moms pancreatic cancer

Hello I need Help. My mom has incurable pancreatic cancer and went thru a Whipple and was told it was all gone. 1 year later it is in the rest of her pancreas and she is getting radiation as she is to weak for chemo and 83yo. She has stomach cramping and needs to eat every 2-3 hours around the clock or she gets dizzy, nauseated and worse cramping. Her MD put her on an antacid but it doesn't seem to help at all. And the MD support is very poor. She knows the end is nearing and I just wondered if anyone has any suggestions on what we can do to make her more comfortable. It is torture to watch her,she in the past has been extremely active and has never had any health problems. Any one have any input??? UnHappy
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I am so sorry Linda to hear about your mother and the whole situation. I am a cancer survivor, and right as I was finishing chemo treatments my dad was diagnosed with inoperable Non-Small Lung Cancer. He went through the initial treatment and after that said that he will leave the rest up to God. My dad was 69 when he was diagnosed. But because of what I had been through we all knew the steps to take. My dad wanted Hospice and it was the BEST DECISION he/we (my mom, sister, and I) ever made. There is no reason for your mother to suffer going through radiation and chemo to give her a few months longer to live, because those months will be brought with her feeling yucky from the chemo and radiation. Instead I say do Hospice and let the services come to her which is a great positive. Hospice provides support to the WHOLE family specifically to the patient and to her/his primary caregivers. My dad and most hospice patients will survive longer with a healthier and happier outlook than somebody that does not have this kind of support. I hope this might give you hope and know that you are not alone. If you do not have medical power of attorney then you need to get this so you can help make medical decisions especially if her health gets worse and it will help to give her a voice with the doctors when they just want to do whatever they want to do with her. I want to be clear that if a decision for Hospice is made you need to be aware of: 1. NO more treatments will be given 2. NO more imagining will be given that is related to a cancer staging. If she was to fall and the doctor suspects she might have a broken bone then they would do an x-ray or whatever is needed to be able to set her bones... 3. Hospice requires a DNR, which is probably the hardest thing for the individual and or family to deal with. My parents always said their decision was DNR, and let me tell you there was that point in the process that it was hard to not want my dads decision to be DNR. But it was not like there was anything that needed to be done just that desire not to lose somebody so important to me. Melinda~
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Thanks Melinda. Good advice. And more info from you then from any md. Keep in touch.
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Very good advice. My late husband was so thankful for our local hospice interventions. He was pain free until the end and went so peacefully. This can be a very hard decision to make but is easier on the one with cancer. God will get you all through this. Praying for you.
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